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Meet Our Team

Literacy Specialists

Meet our Literacy Specialists:

Rachel Abbott

Gareth Baterip

Charlotte Bingham

Charlotte Murray

Heather Russell

Rachel Abbott - SLE , Assistant Head and Reception Teacher

I have worked at Saltaire Primary for 7 years and have been teaching for 14 years. I am currently Reception teacher and Assistant Head for Early Years. I also work as an SLE supporting schools in Bradford developing classroom practice in Early Years. I find working with colleagues from other schools rewarding and enjoy collaborating to improve outcomes for children particularly in literacy.

In my role as Assistant Head every day is different and brings new challenges. I enjoy leading the Early Years and Phonics and I am lucky enough to work with dedicated teachers, support staff and most importantly the wonderful children. I am committed to inspiring a love of reading in children and ensuring that all children are confident and fluent readers by the time they leave primary school. I believe this includes careful planning to teach the skill of learning to read and embedding this learning in a way that is purposeful and meaningful to children. I am really looking forward to being part of the English Hub at Burley Woodhead and working with practitioners across Yorkshire.

At home I am kept very busy looking after my two young children. I enjoy music, spending time outdoors having fun with my family and of course reading.

Gareth Baterip - SLE and Deputy Headteacher

Hello. My name is Gareth and I am really excited to be working as a literacy specialist with the Burley Woodhead English Hub. I am currently the Deputy Headteacher at Newby Primary school, a thriving inner city school in Bradford. I am proud of our school community and in the city where I work and believe strongly that Bradford is an exciting place to be!

I have a real passion to see all children thrive and believe this starts with excellent communication skills. Having had a child of my own who was non-verbal until the very end of Reception, I also understand the challenges many of our children face. I have enjoyed developing practice at my own setting and at others to ensure children get the best possible start in Nursery and through Early Years. For the past three years I have worked as a Specialist Leader of Education, supporting schools to improve outcomes for the children in their care with a particular focus on Early Years and Key Stage One. I truly believe that all the answers we need are already within us and sometimes all it takes is a fresh pair of eyes to see them.

I have also been fortunate enough to deliver teacher training programmes to schools in Dubai and India. This is something I have enjoyed doing for the past 7 years. Empowering and developing teachers is key to ensuring the education our children receive is better than the one we received and prepares them more successfully for their futures.

Charlotte Bingham -SLE and EYFS and Year 1 teacher

I am an experienced EYFS and KS1 teacher having taught in primary schools for the last eight years. I have been Phonics leader for four years. During this time, I have also become an SLE specialising in phonics.

I have led the introduction and embedding of phonics as a whole school programme at two schools. In my role, I have created a phonics structure that is systematic, synthetic and demonstrates fidelity across school, which we all use to improve outcomes for our children. With this leadership responsibility, I manage the phonics budget, track and analyse data, support school action plans and monitoring.

I am an enthusiastic, caring teacher who wants the best for our children in the Bradford area and beyond. I believe that laying the best foundations for our children is crucial to enable them to flourish and prosper in later life. I enjoy teaching children the early steps in reading and writing and giving our young learners the skills to enjoy books. Reading is one of the most important skills to give a child, all of us have been in the learn to read phase at some time in our lives. The quicker we learn to read, the sooner we can start to read to learn and this phase lasts for the rest of lives.

Charlotte Murray - English and Phonics Lead and Year 1 Teacher

I am a year one teacher and English lead in my current school. Within my current role I have ensured a systematic, synthetic phonics programme is being taught with high expectations across key stage one. I have led many in-house training sessions in phonics, ensuring that all practitioners in school have a strong understanding of phonics, the way in which this progresses through school and the importance of fidelity to our programme. In addition to this, I have conducted training in other schools and worked alongside other practitioners to improve phonics provision in their settings; several teachers within our local area have spent time in my classroom observing best practice.

I have held the position of Phonics Lead with Red Kite Teacher Training Alliance for the last two years, where I relished in sharing phonic subject knowledge, up-to-date research and sharing practice. I have also mentored trainee teachers in my class. I thoroughly enjoy reflecting on my practice and finding ways to improve. I am an enthusiastic, thoughtful and caring teacher. It is an amazing privilege to be able to teach children the joy that is reading and watch them progress from learning individual phonemes to using expression and understanding word meaning. I firmly believe every child deserves the best start in life with high quality phonics teaching and early reading skills. I am looking forward to working alongside teachers in other settings.

Heather Russell - English Advisor - North Yorkshire Education

I have over twenty years’ primary teaching experience. In my last senior post I was Leading Teacher for English for over four years. I have an enthusiasm and passion for all areas of English but with a particular focus on enabling children’s reading success and enjoyment.

As an English Adviser for over eight years I have supported my team to develop resources and lead high quality CPD; my work within schools to develop leadership and improve practice has had consistently excellent reviews. I am an accredited national trainer by Edge Hill University for leading phonics and reading training.

I have an enthusiasm to positively support schools with my practical and researched based background; I can help empower teachers with the confidence and skills necessary to improve children’s educational experiences.

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