Systematic Synthetic Phonics Programmes


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Publishers of Systematic Synthetic Phonics Programmes must complete a self-assessment process based on criteria, which are then reviewed by independent evaluators.

There is no statutory requirement for schools to choose one of the SSP programmes on the validated list. However, validation status indicates that a programme has been self-assessed by its publisher and judged by a small panel with relevant expertise and that both consider it to meet all of the DFE criteria for an effective systematic synthetic phonics programme.

 A complete systematic synthetic phonics (SSP) programme is one that provides:

  • all that is essential to teach SSP to children in reception and key stage 1 years of mainstream primary schools
  • sufficient support for children in reception and key stage 1 to become fluent readers
  • a structured route for most children to meet or exceed the expected standard in the year one phonics screening check
  • all national curriculum expectations for word reading through decoding by the end of key stage 1


The following is the list of validated SSP programmes, updated 30 January 2023:

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ACET Phonics

All Aboard Phonics

A Flying Start with Letters and Sounds

ALS Phonics: Letters and Sounds

Anima Phonics: Letters and Sounds Updated

Bug Club Phonics

Dramatic Progress in Literacy

Essential Letters and Sounds

Extend Letters and Sounds

FFT Success For All Phonics

First Class Phonics

Fishing for Phonics

Floppy's Phonics

GES Simply Letters & Sounds

Jolly Phonics

Junior Learning Letters & Sounds


Lesley Clarke's Letters and Sounds


Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised

McKie Mastry Power Phonics

Monster Phonics

No Nonsense Phonics

Pearl Phonics[footnote 1]

Phonics International

Phonics Shed

Phonics Steps

Pip and Pap

Read Write Inc

Ready Steady Phonics

Reading Planet Rocket Phonics


Schofield & Sims My Letters & Sounds

Smart Kids Letters and Sounds - The Code

Snappy Sounds

Song of Sounds

Sound Discovery

Sound!Start Phonics for Letters and Sounds


Supersonic Phonics Friends

THE Partnership Phonics

Time for Phonics

Programme (based on Letters and Sounds)

Twinkl Phonics

Unlocking Letters and Sounds

Wand Phonics with Phonics International and/or No Nonsense Phonics


Footnote 1 -this programme has been validated by the Department for Education in the September 2022 validation exercise. The footnote will be removed as soon as final evidence of the decodable material is received and reviewed. This programme is validated and funding for the Hubs programme (and Accelerator Fund) can be used to purchase this phonics programme.


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