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  2. Recovery in phonics

Below you will find resources and weekly videos designed to support schools with phonics recovery.

Thank you to Heather Russell at North Yorkshire County Council who has shared their Covid Phonic Recovery documentation.  They can be downloaded by clicking on the individual links below:

North Yorkshire County Council - Handy Ideas for Spring 2021

North Yorkshire County Council - Handy Ideas for Autumn 2021

North Yorkshire County Council - Home Learning - Primary English Literacy

North Yorkshire Council - Phase 4 Phonics

North Yorkshire Council - Resuming English - 10 Questions

North Yorkshire Council - Extra Handy Ideas for Autumn 2020

North Yorkshire Council - Vocabulary Handout

Early reading at Burley and Woodhead

Help Sheet Phase By Phase

Sample Phonics Progress Map

Suggested  training schedule for Letters and Sounds

Reception typical journey document

Year One Typical Journey doc

Year Two Typical Journey doc

Four Part Phonics Session

An approach to teaching phonics